Protecting the Earth Even in Death

Green or eco-friendly funerals have become immensely popular as of late in the UK but what exactly is a green burial? A lot of people might have heard of it in passing and only know that it’s a great alternative to traditional burial that many green funeral companies are offering. Here are some of the most important things you need to know.

Choosing what is best for your loved one’s eternal rest

Green or woodland burials honors the memory of your departed loved ones by returning them to the cycle of nature and celebrating life itself. The use of biodegradable material for coffins like recycled paper or banana leaves isn’t a fad that will fade in time; it is a better choice for the environment in general. Compared to traditional gravesites, green or eco-friendly graves are less likely to be recognized as there is little to no markings and is situated in forest-like environments. Usually marked by trees and flowers, green burial sites emphasize the beauty of nature and offers a more peaceful environment for their eternal rest.

There are multiple kinds of green burials, and one of the more popular options is a burial pod which allows for one’s body to nurture a tree seed or seedling turning the tree into a natural headstone or grave marking. This allows for more trees to be grown which ultimately helps the environment and future generations. If you’re still on the fence, you can still have a relatively traditional but eco-friendly burial. The only difference would be the materials used for the coffin and shroud as well as the location. Wicker, Willow, Bamboo, and even recycled paper or cardboard are usually used as coffins as they are a lot easier to break down compared to traditional coffin materials. As for shrouds, banana leaves, wool and cotton are popular choices.

Eco-friendly coffins and shrouds are less expensive than traditional ones, and there’s a wide range to choose from. One thing to note is that embalming is not allowed as the chemicals may cause harm to the soil and that cremation is mostly avoided. Most funeral parlors in the UK are making the shift and have seen an increase in environmentally friendly burials these past few years instead of more traditional ones. Many people have also adapted to the idea of caring for the environment even after they depart. Celebrating life instead of mourning death and leaving a legacy of sorts for our children and their children’s children has become an endearing concept that many people are considering it.

Your funeral director can help ease the process

Burial ground

Most funeral parlors now offer the option for eco-friendly or green burials. The full process, from choosing a burial site to choosing the materials for the coffin and shroud can be a bit daunting at first due to the sheer number of options available, but your funeral director can talk you through the whole process.

A list of woodland burial sites is available online, or you can ask your funeral director as it is their expertise and an expert’s advice is priceless. Green burials have gained popularity and is seen as a better alternative to the more traditional funeral and burial services. Not only is it relatively inexpensive compared to traditional funerals, but it allows the family to care for the environment even after death. We only have one Earth, and we need to start thinking of how to care for the planet more even after our death.

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