Prolonging Kitchen Appliances’ Life with Proper Maintenance

Running a food service business requires more than market savvy and sumptuous offerings. There is a need to keep kitchen equipment healthy and long-lasting. Commercial appliances in the restaurant and catering business revolve largely around the value of the equipment used for cooking, storing, and serving food. To maintain such value and lower costs for repair and major maintenance, cleaning them properly and having them inspected by professionals are mandatory. There will be times you would need some commercial appliance repair in Salt Lake City, but replacing new equipment due to bad maintenance should at best be avoided.

Following Manufacturer Guidelines

Manufacturer guidelines are the most important aspect of maintaining an appliance’s peak health. Kitchen appliances are very sensitive equipment when it comes to appliance durability, cleanliness, and efficient use. Manufacturer guidelines are specially made to ensure these variables. For a food business, the equipment used is not ordinary kitchenware. These guidelines printed as a handbook do not only instruct the user on how to use the appliance, but they also show a number of maintenance tips to secure the equipment’s potential life span. Expect to see cleaning tips, storage and basic repair tips, as well as some regulatory information on how to preserve standardized health-related requirements.

Making Regular Schedules for Cleaning

As per manufacturer advice, having a regular schedule for cleaning kitchen appliances saves a business from costly maintenance visits from third-party cleaning services. A daily schedule, particularly after a day’s work, is essential. Staff should be adept with the proper way of cleaning a piece of equipment. Appropriate training on food handling and food storage must come with the correct way of cleaning kitchen appliances. A weekly or monthly deep cleaning schedule is also recommendable, especially for equipment that is larger or more significant in the preparation of food. This is to guarantee that the appliances are in the best shape possible every after long periods of use. To be able to institutionalize the schedule, craft a standard for the staff to follow.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Man repairing dishwasher

Maintaining your restaurant or catering business’ appliances should not only end with in-house cleaning and inspection. Seek professional visits as experts know more about keeping equipment operate and serve you better. A biannual visit from experts to clean, disassemble, inspect, and check for early issues is ideal. Cookers, fryers, ovens, and refrigeration units are very hard to clean. The engineering of more complicated machines may require you to look for some help. There may also be some issues that the manufacturer guidelines will not be able to address. To get the best trained professionals, make sure that you hire those that are licensed.

Maintaining kitchen appliances at the commercial level, prolonging their use, is not like an ordinary kitchen cleaning chore. Commercial appliances at such scale serve more people, are operationally busier, and are more expensive. Yes, the health considerations of more people being served, the objectives of the business, and the value of the investment are the primal concerns. Still, returns on both ends, financially and socially, are more important.

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