How to Make a Staircase Stand Out in a Commercial Building

While staircases have one functional purpose in a commercial building, the way a particular staircase is designed can transform your office space. Staircases play an integral role in an area with two or more levels, and this makes them a focal point for the room. This is why you have to come up with a design that will not only serve the primary purpose of a staircase but also adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the indoor space in your commercial building.

Building the right feature staircase for a commercial building can be quite a difficult task. When overdone, stairs can look out of place and more like an eyesore in the building. While you need an excellent design, never compromise functionality and safety since the staircase will have lots of traffic daily. Consider the following techniques that can make a staircase stand out in a commercial building:

Add a curve

Curved staircases will always create a sense of beauty and sophistication. This aspect in design has been used for centuries to develop attractive staircase designs that have been the forte for some of the most excellent craftsmen. While they were mostly a feature that could only be found in homes owned by the wealthy, curves in staircase designs are now more accessible. With modern technology implemented in the building industry, you can customise your curved staircase into any design that you deem fit. Curved staircases are affordable nowadays. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about overspending.

Pick a modern handrail

Modern staircase and hall with glass banister

A beautiful staircase can improve the way your office space looks, especially if you add an eye-catching element to it. One of the design features that can transform a staircase is a handrail. With many handrail designs available, choosing the best can be a challenge. Remember that the handrail you select should be capable of offering safety as well as adding detail to the overall design. Many modern handrail designs can give your staircase a minimal or sophisticated look without taking up much space. Consider choosing from those designs.

Create contrast

Creating contrast with colour is one of the simplest things that you can do to create a statement with a staircase in a commercial space. Contrast draws the eye to the stairs and makes them a focal point of the room. It can also boost employee creativity. The theme that you select should be in tandem with the rest of the office so that it may not turn out to be an eyesore.

Creating an attractive staircase design requires a keen eye for design and detail. You’ll have to go through multiple designs to find what works best in your case. The positioning of your staircase will also influence the design options to consider.

Despite the challenges involved, having a beautiful staircase in your commercial building can enhance the beauty of the space instantly. To get the most out of the stairs, you need to have a professional to guide you through different staircase design and how they can transform your office.

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