Give Your Car the Spring Maintenance It Deserves With These Tips

Winter in Salt Lake City hasn’t been kind to everyone. Cars are no exception. The harsh snow and freezing temperatures can leave a host of problems that may turn up even after the cold season. Issues like broken batteries and rust could haunt you on your next drive if you didn’t take care of your automobile as much during winter. Now that spring is in full effect, it’s a great time to give your car the maintenance it deserves.

Give It a Good Wash

Snow and road salt can give your car’s exterior a beating, especially if you didn’t have a garage to keep it in during winter. Pamper your auto with a thorough wash. An article from TopGear that discusses what you should and shouldn’t do when washing your vehicle recommends cleaning your car in the shade. Washing it under direct sunlight may leave undesirable watermarks.

Once you’re in a shaded area, get a sponge or microfiber, two buckets, some car shampoo, and some wax. Fill one bucket with soapy water and another with just water to rinse your sponge in. Now, gently rinse your car with a hose, leaving no spots on the exterior dry. Soap it while rinsing your sponge in the “water bucket” from time to time. Don’t forget to clean the windows with a solution that’s made specifically for automobile glass. Rinse off any gunk from your tires with a hose or water from your rinse bucket.

Wax on, Wax Off

waxing car

It also helps to wax it after washing to give it a layer of protection against the elements, like the sun’s UV rays. Just make sure the exterior is dry before you add the product to prevent streaks from appearing while you wax. These lines are often tricky to buff and need the aid of detail sprays to fix. Apply a thin coat of wax to your microfiber cloth and shine your car to your heart’s content. You’ll be left with a finish that’s as practical as it is beautiful.

Check the Battery

If you’re lucky, your car’s battery or transmission parts in Salt Lake City wouldn’t have gone kaput after winter. They’re usually prone to breaking in cold weather. Technology and DIY magazine Popular Mechanics says that the liquids in the battery thicken and even freeze in lower temperatures. It’s also difficult for chemical reactions to generate electricity when temps drop, making it a pain to start a motor that requires at least 200 amps. Have your battery inspected and tested by an automotive professional to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. You don’t want your car to power down in the middle of a long drive suddenly.

Your car went through the cold winds and blankets of snow to transport you from one place to another. This spring, give it the love it needs in the form of a gentle wash, a clear wax, and a fresh battery. You’ll spend a lot of energy and money, but you’ll be thanking yourself when you have a smooth drive through spring and summer.

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