What Problems Do Subaru Car Owners Often Face?

Each car brand has its own distinctive features and strengths. Getting to know your car really well will allow you to troubleshoot small problems and enjoy your Subaru vehicle even more.

Front Suspension

As soon as you have your Subaru vehicle serviced for routine maintenance like oil and filter changes, you have to request your service attendant to check on the rubber components of the front suspension of your car.

These specific parts are often subject to wear and tear, especially if you live in a dry and hot weather location, as these components will wear out and start to crack. A routine check will give you an assurance that all of these components are functioning 100% correctly.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioner in compact carThe most common many Subaru vehicle owners deal with is when their air conditioning system ceases to work properly. You will notice this problem on a hot or humid day and the air being blown from the air vent of your car is very warm. This must be taken as a clear sign that the O-ring seals of your car’s air conditioning system are already worn out and need immediate replacement.

A certified mechanic handling Subaru car engines and parts can help you identify the source of the leak in your car’s air conditioning system. You have to make sure you get your worn out O-rings replaced as soon as possible.

Inner Joint Boots

Another important and often recurring problem with a Subaru vehicle is the inner joint boots. The axle of your car connects the wheels to the transmission. The axle is specially designed with two joints, called the inner and outer axle joints.

Every single joint is packed with grease and has a rubber boot inside. The role of the rubber boot is to provide sufficient lubrication for your vehicle to move. The inner boot, which is also known as the double offset joint, is often found near the car’s exhaust system and very susceptible to wear and tear as well as splitting out.

You will notice a problem with the inner joint boots when you start to smell a burning stench coming off the exhaust system. This signals you should immediately take your car to a technician to fix the axle and DOJ assembly and get it repacked. This will help prevent any other expensive replacement when the problem gets worse and you have to eventually change the Subaru’s entire axle.

Head Gaskets

Another problem Subaru vehicles often face is head gasket leaks. The coolant and engine oil pathways flow through the head gasket. When the head gasket breaks down, which is common among Subaru cars, it can lead to leaks both in and out of the car engine. Finding the leak is quite easy, just pay attention to the car’s coolant and oil levels.

If you see that they would often go down very fast, especially after a routine servicing, there can is a problem with your Subaru’s head gasket. Coolant and oil leaking to the exhaust can cause a burning stench that will be easily noticed when driving.

When your car shows signs of head gasket leaks, immediately have a skilled tech address the problem. This will prevent expensive repairs later on.

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