For Event Planners: 4 Practical Ways to Manage Waste

Most events generate trash regardless of their magnitude. Waste management, therefore, is something you have to deal with at some point. If you ignore it during the planning phase, you will be in a dilemma when you eventually have to deal with the garbage. To minimise waste in your events, consider implementing the following:

Collaborate with Vendors

Most events involve outside vendors. During the organising phase, work with them, so they understand your waste management plans. Know what kind of waste they will have and identify the best way to dispose of it.

Work with the vendors in making any necessary changes while planning for the event. Let them understand that their involvement in the process is highly important and that your willingness to work with them in the future depends on their ability to meet your waste management requirements.

Have Enough Bins

Whether you are managing a small or large event, there will always be some waste. If you don’t sufficiently plan how you would handle it, its disposal will be problematic since you will have to sort it out manually. Fortunately, you don’t have to own that many bins or buy them right away.

Find a reliable company offering rubbish bin hire services to get some that suit your event in Sydney. Settle for one with ecological waste disposal so they can deliver it for recycling and re-use. Have enough waste bins at the venue and place them strategically. You can also go a step further and put signage where they are. Have banners encouraging people to use appropriate cans so the venue will remain clean.

Go for Restricted Access

The accessibility of your event has an impact on the amount and type of waste left behind. Events with open access will see the general public and passersby come in with all kinds of waste. They may not only be a nuisance but also a security threat.

As you may not anticipate what kind of garbage they will bring in, it could interfere with its management. On the other hand, having limited access gives you more control. You can have a guarded entry and restrict certain elements from getting into your event. When you have control over the waste, its removal and management become more efficient.

Control Food Waste

people getting their foods in an event

Food-related waste takes a significant portion of garbage. To minimise it, ask the catering department to control the portions. The guests can come for a second helping if they want. If not, make arrangements for guests to carry their leftovers home.

Where there are untouched leftovers, donate the food instead of throwing it away. Another element of waste from food is utensils. Instead of using disposable ones, work with your catering team to use washable silverware and utensils.

If you don’t pay attention to waste in the planning phase, your venue will be left littered, which gives you additional work of cleaning up. Where you have bins but fail to label them appropriately, you will have to sort the garbage. Anticipate the kind of waste you are likely to deal with and make prior arrangements on the best way to handle it.


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