For a Good Cause: Donating Items Before You Move

The only time you’ll realize how much items you’ve accumulated throughout the years is when it’s finally time to move. If you’ve been living in the same address for a long time, it can be overwhelming when you see how much stuff you already have.

This is one of the upsides of moving — you’ll finally have a chance to start fresh and get rid of things you no longer use and need. Another great thing about it is that you can actually donate all these items to charitable organizations that will definitely find many of these of value.

But, as with everything involved in the whole moving process, you’ll need some time to plan and organize all your items to get them ready before the moving company in West Palm Beach, FL, arrives to pick up your boxes. So, here are some great organization ideas to help you prep your stuff for donating:

1. Go through every room in your house.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving out from a tiny apartment or a huge home. You’ll need to make everything as organized as possible during the moving process.

Start with the smallest room then move on to the next according to size. Smaller rooms usually have fewer items, so starting with them will make it easier to finish the task and identify which ones are good for donation.

2. It’s alright to toss out a few things.

You’ll want to give away items that other people can still enjoy. So, items that can no longer be reused, such as old notebooks and torn, damaged shirts, should best be thrown away instead of donated. After all, if you donate these, they might end up throwing them away anyway, so save them from all the troubles.

3. Pile up all your items separately.

Once you’ve sorted out all the items you want to donate, it’s time to organize them according to their use. Divide everything into piles – books and magazines, household items, used clothes and shoes, and electronics — and keep them all together neatly.

Load everything inside your car and drop them off at a nearby donation center. If you put them in separate boxes, it’ll be helpful if you have everything labeled properly.

4. Pack your items in sturdy boxes.

Man and woman packing a box
Get all your donation items out of the house as soon as possible. Doing so will make the entire packing process a lot easier and more efficient.

Also, you won’t have to deal with all the clutter once everything has been sent out. Put all the books and magazine in durable boxes, while all the breakables should be wrapped in newspaper or some bubble wrapped for added protection.

Finally, check if your chosen donation center does pick-ups. Some bigger centers offer to pick up your items, especially if they’re larger or have high value, such as furniture pieces or electronic items. They can also help you if you have numerous boxes that won’t fit in your car.

But, in case a drop-off isn’t an option, you might have to drive your items yourself. If you have too many boxes, it might take you more than a single trip, so see if you can borrow a bigger vehicle.

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