6 Plumbing Issues That Can Escalate Quickly if Ignored

The importance of a plumbing system is usually not evident until it develops a problem. For those with aging houses in Orem, structural issues in every corner are something you shouldn’t be surprised of.

Most of the repairs have even become DIY cases over the years. Even if these problems seem simple, they have the potential to grow and have a substantial effect on your health and finances. The risk of contamination is always rife, so you need to be alert what problems you allow to stand. For instance, pest infestation, poor indoor air quality (IAQ), and home degradation are some of the challenges that could emanate from plumbing.

Here are some problems to look out for to avoid nasty plumbing surprises:

Water Leakages

Burst pipes or water leakages are common in both residential and commercial properties. Ignoring this issue can have serious repercussions, including water damage. It is easy to tell if there is water leakage in the building through:

  • Discolored ceiling
  • Reduction in water pressure
  • Signs of dampness in strange places
  • Paint peeling off

As long as there are pipes, expect water leakage anywhere. Pipe bursts could occur without warning, so it’s important to contact professional plumbers in Orem (or wherever you live in Utah) immediately if you suspect a problem.

Water Heater Problems

Water heaters can fail, but noticing an anomaly is usually simple. Most complaints are about the water not being hot enough. Other problems are strange noises coming from the equipment, tank leakages, and the water turns cloudy. All of these have underlying causes, some of which may demand a replacement if the entire system is ignored.

Drainage Problems

plumber checking the drainage pipeDrainage problems can be difficult to diagnose, especially for large commercial facilities. If you see any problem in the toilet, sink, or bathtub, it would be better to call a reputable plumber immediately rather than gamble and wait until they become major problems. Backups can escalate and cause massive damage to fixtures and other parts of the building if left unchecked or poorly handled.

Gas Leak

Without contention, this is the most dangerous plumbing issue you can ever face. The immediate reaction should be to evacuate the building and contact 911 immediately.

If you are not a plumber by any means, never try to fix a gas leak. The telltale sign of a leak is a characteristic smell that is there to alert. Note that some gases will never give out a pungent smell, which is the reason you should have a gas detector installed.

Bad Odors

Bad odors are not only about heating gas leakage. The pungent smell from the sewer can also distract operations, so getting a plumber right away is recommended. With regular maintenance, the plumbing system can be free of this problem.

Water Pressure Inconsistency

Investigate the cause of water pressure inconsistency (usually drifting towards low pressure) quickly because there are a number of possible causes — a break in the water main, leakage within the premises, sedimentation in the pipes, etc. Each of these triggers requires special attention from a professional.

Plumbing repairs and replacement can be expensive, but sometimes this is the only way to protect your property and its occupants. The good thing is that you can minimize spending through alertness, maintenance, and seeking help from the right place.

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