Great Reasons You Want to Live in Geelong

Looking for an opportunity to own a piece of land with great views surrounded by nature? Want hectares of open space and parklands, with hiking and biking trails? Finding some at a price that’s reasonable is often a difficult task. However, these do exist, and land development firms with the vision of incorporating these wonderful features into their developments have hit a veritable gold mine by enhancing the land for sale in Geelong. Here are some of the reasons this area is a naturelover’s paradise.

Armstrong Creek

Armstrong Creek in Geelong has plenty to offer. Master-planned to include key community facilities and infrastructures, this development seeks to sustain a future residential and commercial area that will enhance and uplift property valuation in the foreseeable future. Alongside this, the proximity of an amazing water park with multiple rides attractions adds even more value to the area. Adventure Water Park is Victorias’ biggest water theme park, and is one of the best destination for families during summer. Your loved ones will surely have the time of their lives trying out everything the water park has to offer.

Wool Trade Museum

Beginning in the early 1800’s, Geelong was considered the center of the wool trade. The town’s world-class quality wool, refined to perfection during the golden age of the wool industry, put Geelong on the world map, and the museum was erected as a testament to the area’s rich history.

Geelong Beach

A popular destination to water lovers is Geelong Beach. The beach is a well known swimming and recreational area in Geelong. Eastern Beach has an Art Deco building that houses a fine dining restaurant on its second floor. A huge playground on the east side of the parkland is a favourite to kids all year round. During Christmas and Boxing Day, people flock to Eastern Beach and the nearby Eastern Park. Thousands of families go there to have their barbecue parties, and has been going on for so long that it has become a tradition in these parts.

Geelong Library

Books on a shelf

Geelong library houses an extensive collection of Australian arts. The gates are typically kept open and admission is free to the general public. It houses approximately 6000 works of art in its collection. Some of the notable artworks in its collection include “View of Geelong”, “A Bush Burial” and “The Pier Head”.

Serendip Sanctuary

Serendip Sanctuary is a huge protected area and a haven for bird watchers. Walking paths among wetlands allow enthusiasts to see and observe about 100 different species of birds only meters away from the viewing area. It is a fantastic place for families to visit and explore nature at its finest and most pristine.

These are the main reasons owning a home in Geelong can make your life wonderful, happy and full of adventure. All of your efforts to protect and grow your investment are certain to bear fruit, with so much investment into the area. Families can experience the many benefits of immersing in fun filled leisure and nature tripping with their loved ones.

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