Don’t Overlook It: Choosing the Perfect Icons for Your Website

Designing a website entails great devotion to a lot of things — you will have to study first the user experience (UX) components and pick the right typeface that will suit the brand. The color scheme should be appealing to users after all. Oftentimes, designers and business owners are consumed by these great things — and it is important that you deal with them. However, you should not overlook the items that reinforce the idea of steadiness. You have to stay consistent down to the smallest detail. You have to focus on the icons, too. After all, the devil is in the detail.

Icons are important, as they serve as visual aids for the users. They help users understand the context of the message. They even aid in navigating the entire site. However, not all web designers give time to this aspect. Do not choose icons just because they are appealing. You have to pick them based on merited judgment.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind, especially if you are working with a website designer in Utah or any other state:

Pick the appropriate art style

Icons come in a wide variety of art styles, and it is a matter of choosing which art style suits the aesthetics of the site. If you want to be more general, you should pick the icon art that goes well with your branding rules. For one, if your brand or logo has a vector component, it only makes sense that the icons on your site will be vector, too. If your logo exudes an air of formality and professionalism, you may want to use icons that look formal, too.

Is it colored or monochromatic?

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Now, this is an option where you will have to look at your branding guidelines. Again, if your logo is colorful, you ought to use the same colors for your icons. Otherwise, monochromatic icons will be more suitable. Avoid using the colors of competitors. If you want to pick colorful icons, make sure that the shades will complement the colors of your logo.

Determine the number of icons needed

You may have already had a few icons for the necessary sections of your website, but you have to think ahead of time. You will need more icons in the future, especially if you are planning to expand the sections of your site. Be ready with this. If you are not buying a set of readymade icons, you can at least have your art director or graphic designer propose more.

Keep them simple

Simplicity is beauty, and this philosophy can be applied well to web design. The same rings true for choosing icons. You do not want to use detailed icons, as they may prove to be distracting. Keep your choices simple yet elegant.

Choosing icons for your website is an important thing to consider, especially if you want to make your website much easier to navigate. The function of the icons should be among the things that you should discuss with your designer once you both talk about the value of user interface (UI).


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