Average Rental Rates for Residential Dumpster May Cost Almost $300

The average rate for a residential dumpster rental in Colorado may cost around $300 for small clean-up projects, but the size and length of rental are some of the factors that determine the actual price.

If you plan to tear down walls as part of a renovation, some home builders may include the cost of waste removal. Take note that some contractors may provide a lower rate even for one-day-rentals during peak season since they need to recover the equipment as soon as possible. This usually happens after the rainy months or before the end of spring.

Which Size Should You Use?

The $300 rate for an average residential dumpster rental applies to a 10-yard and it could be valid for seven days. You should use this size for small projects like when you need to clean the garage. A 20-yard dumpster costs around $422, which will be better for mid-size projects. But for renovations and new construction projects, you should use a 30-yard dumpster with the usual price of $500.

These three sizes are among the common, although there are other sizes such as 12-, 15-, 25- and even 50-yard dumpsters. Ask the rental provider about their fleet because not every company offers a wide range of dumpster sizes. While some companies may offer discounts during peak season, remember that availability can be limited.

Longer Rentals are More Expensive

Those who need to use a dumpster for an indefinite period should prepare to spend up to $10 per day after the first week, if your contractor agreed on a weekly rental. Most equipment rentals include the price of delivering the dumpster to the client’s house. If your preferred size is unavailable, it’s better to rent a bigger one. This will require to spend more, but transporting a specific size from a different location will be more expensive.

Another reason to rent a larger size involves the type of trash. A small pile of driveway concrete will weigh less than the same pile of siding materials. Be careful not to exceed the load limit for each dumpster, or you could pay an extra fee. The same applies to put items that are restricted by the owner.

Other Expenses

Residential dumpster lined up

You could probably pay for a permit even before you look for a dumpster rental in Colorado. Some communities may require this when the equipment will be seen in public, or when it would stay along a public road. It’s best to ask local authorities on the rules for using residential dumpsters.

You should also ask if there are applicable dump fees for waste disposal in your area. The usual rate costs per ton, but you may no longer pay for this separately when you hire a contractor to do the job.

Homeowners should expect to spend a higher rate for renting dumpsters during autumn or before winter. It’s possible to spend a cheaper rate because of the lower demand. When you choose among contractors, you should compare prices from at least three different companies before making a decision.


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