5 Unique Custom Pool Design Ideas for Luxury Homes | 5 One-of-a-kind Pool Designs for Luxury Homes

Swimming pools come in different shapes, styles, and designs. Depending on your purpose, some pools are designed for diving and exercise laps, while others are made with serene spa pools for relaxation. Whatever your purpose may be, it’s undeniable most people aspire to have a unique and luxurious swimming pool in their home. It’s the perfect amenity to get your family bonding together, and for entertaining guests during the heat of the summer.

If you’re looking to havea beautiful pool and custom spa in Utah, here are five unique pool ideas you should consider:

1. Freeform-Shaped Pools

As the term suggests, freeform pools are designed based on the orientation of your property. It takes on a curvilinear shape rather than a strict geometric or round form. This custom design is highly ideal for wide diameter locations, where you can add flair and variation to make the location more visually interesting. Instead of going for the usual rectangular or oval shape, think of this unique pool design for your dream home. Pool builders may also refer to freeform pools as an oasis, pond, or lagoon pool.

2. Pools with a Recessed Island Lounge

Think out of the box and consider having a relaxing lounge in the middle of your pool. This lavish custom design is a great option for bathers who enjoy sitting in the pool, but also like to keep it dry while having a few drinks or reading a good book. It’s the perfect design for anyone who enjoys swimming and lazing around in the summer. What’s more, you can stay there for hours enjoying a conversation with family or friends. If you would like more shade for your pool lounge, you can have a larger canopy or custom umbrella installed in your recessed island lounge.

3. Pools with Gunite Spas

Nowadays, gunite spas are commonly integrated with large pools. It creates beautiful water features when your main pool and spa pool connects. Depending on your preference, it can be built on its own or connected to a larger pool. If you want it to connect to your main pool, they can both share the same filtration and heating system. Gunite spas first became popular in the 1970s as people enjoyed partying outdoors at small luxurious pools. This type of spa pool is also known as one of the most expensive. However, it offers numerous design options and styles so you can fully customize your pool.

Swimming pool in luxurious house4. Stack Infinity Pools

One of the most popular pool designs that emerged in the last decade is the infinity pool. Since then, pool builders and architectural designers have improved upon its basic design, adding more flair and lavish features. So instead of having one infinity pool, why not have several levels of infinity pools in your property? Stack infinity pools are created with a raised design, which lends well to installing heated Jacuzzis. This design is ideal for locations overlooking a beautiful view of the ocean, mountain ranges, and spectacular cityscapes.

5. Freeform Pool with Cascading Waterfalls

Turn your pool into a stunning piece of art by getting a freeform pool with beautiful cascading waterfalls. If your idea of garden pool involves fantasy-like elements like rustic stone, lush landscapes, and tranquil waterfalls, this design will perfectly suit you. You can even incorporate spa pools into this design. Natural stones evoke a quiet and relaxing atmosphere in your garden, while the waterfalls and vanishing edges add dramatic flair to your pool.

Remember These 5 Pool Design Options

Looking up different pool designs will certainly help you decide what pool setup you want for you prefer. Whether you want a freeform-shaped pool or a recessed lounge island, it all depends on your taste and how you imagine using your pool. Setups with gunite spas and stack infinity pools are perfect if you mostly plan to take a dip and relax in heated water. Freeform pools with cascading waterfalls are also a good custom spa setup, and it adds a more dramatic style to your home. Finally, once you’re ready, make sure to contact a trusted pool and custom spa builder in Utah.

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