Roll-off Dumpster Truck Rental Guide for Your Home Remodeling

Remodeling your home is an exciting and challenging time. Before you get hung up on romanticizing the project, remember to add this to your list of tasks to accomplish—waste disposal. While one aspect of your property gets a makeover, you should not allow the stuff you take out and no longer need to be disposed of irresponsibly.

Cleaning up after yourself

Keeping the work area neat and clean is an important aspect of any remodeling project. Debris will accumulate if you do not deal with the piling pieces of wood and concrete from time to time.

Roll-off trucks

A reliable dumpster rental in Utah is a popular solution for dealing with home remodeling debris. You can visit a local waste disposal company or search online for nearby service providers. A roll-off truck is a great way to haul rubble and detritus from the site to appointed dumping ground. Typically, waste removal companies charge by volume, so it is good to learn something about weight measurements and conversions as well. You do not want to pay extra for overweight charges. It pays to ask about weight requirements and associated fees at the outset.

What else can roll-off trucks haul?

A roll-off dumpster truck of adequate size should solve your remodeling waste dilemma. What else can it haul? Patio furniture that you do not need and half the contents of your garage can easily fit into a roll-off truck. Tree limbs cut for safety, old tires, and rusting furniture stored in the decrepit barn should probably be removed as well. Yard waste can be hazardous to young children and the elderly. If you have a rotting and rusting pile of old stuff on one corner, you are probably already renting out that section of the yard to rodents and vermin. The convenience afforded by roll-off trucks should inspire you to clean out your yard. Since you are remodeling your home, it only makes sense to fix up the yard as well. A roll-off truck offers a means of taking out the trash swiftly and efficiently.

Rental specifics

drop box of roll-off dumpster truck containing old stuff

Renting a roll-off truck for yard and remodeling waste removal is based on volume. You also need to figure out the time frame. In order to establish the schedule, it is necessary for you to include these waste removal parameters when planning the construction project. This allows you to be cost-efficient. Do you need a mid-sized dumpster for the project? How quickly will the rubble accumulate? You probably do not need to pay for a huge dumpster, but you can only know for sure if you calculate and estimate carefully. Lastly, you have to determine the size and type of dumpster truck that can access your driveway.

Now, it is time to get started. Before calling a waste removal service, set up a meeting with the contractor in charge of remodeling your home. Determining an accurate estimate of the volume of debris that needs to be collected and transported should be on top of your agenda.

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