4 Construction Lifts Your Project Might Need

Construction lifts help perform tasks that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish. From forklifts and scissor lifts to aerial lifts, they extend devices, machinery, and even people to reach places that are either too high or low. These may even be used to lift workers to make finishing details on top of a tall building. Also called a boom lift, these come in different types, each serving a different function. The functionality influences the kinds of features the lift will have and the location on the work site you are likely to find it.

Still have no idea what to choose? Here are the most common types you can use:

Articulating lifts

Sometimes called “knuckle lifts,” this type of lift looks like an arm. The bottom is installed on a turntable so that it can move up to 360 degrees. The arm will have many joints to allow good flexibility. The design of these lifts makes them be able to bend over and around obstacles, lifting workers to reach inaccessible places.

Articulating lifts are commonly used in piping and electrical repairs. Sometimes, they come in handy in maintenance and exterior cleaning projects.

There are different types of articulating lifts, depending on their capacity and structure. The spider lift, for example, is mounted on pairs of “legs” and is lightweight and narrow, allowing it to reach even small spaces. The biggest of these lifts can handle a capacity of 500 lb, extending beyond 17 feet.

Telescopic lifts

Telescopic LiftThese lifts have an arm, but it has no joints. Moreover, this type only has a small bucket to hold one person. It suits specialised work, such as electrical repairs and trimming trees. Their upside is that they have a high reach. Some telescopic lifts have electrical operations with solid tires to use in indoor projects. When selecting this lift, consider the lift height as they differ with the manufacturer.

Cherry pickers

Bucket trucks or cherry pickers come with wheels and a raised platform with a hydraulic crane. They are mostly used to provide access to utility lines or to reach high-bearing fruits in gardens. There are also cherry pickers used in remodeling and maintenance work, and you are likely to find them in warehouses for maintaining rack systems.

Electric scissor boom lifts

These lifts do not have an arm, although they have a wide bucket with support from cross-braces. They only move upward and downward, so contractors have to place them directly below where they need to work.

Consequently, these lifts have limited uses. However, as they have a large platform, they can accommodate a team, making it possible for projects that need cooperation between groups. Typical applications for this lift include cladding installations and exterior repairs for buildings.

When choosing a lift, consider the size. You want to have a sufficient range, but one that can fit well in your workspace. Consider also the type of movement and the capacity of the lift. Finally, think about the conditions in your work site and your sources of power.


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