Why Moving to Melbourne is a Good Idea

Many people have had a fair share of fantasies. For some, it may be marrying the celebrity of their dreams. For others, it could be driving a sports car down the road of the famous Palm Springs. Some others might even say it’s their fantasy to be paid for simply lazing around and sleeping the whole day. Lastly, some people would want to just buy real estate property in Whittlesea, Victoria, and live an amazing life in a suburb.

Well, there’s no reason to be guilty about that. Despite what people might say about the multiple species of deadly animals in Australia, Melbourne is a lovely place. In fact, there could be a long list of reasons your fantasy could be a reality. Here are some of them:

Melbourne was the most livable city in the world

2017 was the mark of Melbourne’s seven-year streak on the list of the most livable cities in the world. It only recently lost its seat last year. Despite having been displaced from the list, you cannot deny the reasons Melbourne got the first place. There’s a plethora of employment opportunities for its residents and migrants. The city’s transportation system boasts efficiency, as well as variety in terms of public transport options. Crime rates are relatively low. Its premiere universities even enrich the cultural heritage of the place.

The city encourages diversity

City in MelbourneIn Whittlesea, Victoria alone, 5.6% of the migrants are Indian, 3.0% are Italian, 2.8% are Macedonian, 1.9% are Greek, and 1.9% are Chinese. This ethnic diversity goes further as the city promotes the use of languages other than English, (i.e., Macedonian, Arabic, Italian, Greek, and Punjabi, ranging 3.2% – 5.1% in its speakers) The richness of the culture can only cultivate open minds and bring the community together more than it would tear them apart.

Due to this hot pot of cultural diversity, you may find several celebrations from different cultures in Melbourne (i.e., the Thai Culture & Food Festival, the Melbourne Queer Festival, the Lonsdale St. Greek Festival, etc.)

Real estate investments may yield high returns

Given the reputation of Melbourne, investing in real estate property in neighbouring cities, such as Whittlesea, Victoria can potentially yield high returns. This is because of the influx of migrants that Melbourne is attracting, as well as the overseas workers and international students. Acquiring property in a place like Whittlesea and even flipping it or renting it out is a great investment opportunity. The former entails a high risk, but a high return as well. The latter can be a great way to earn passive income.

This list could go on, as there are many more reasons to make Melbourne your new home. The place is great if you are looking for a better career or planning to build your own family in a progressive community. The first step is to look for the best property you can buy in the place. Getting the help of property agents is a good decision.

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