Keep Your Garage Doors in Great Shape and Save Money

Having a reliable commercial garage door service in Utah on speed dial is an excellent way to avoid incurring unnecessary expense. These doors often come under an intense amount of pressure in the course of your typical day, subjecting them to high wear and tear.

Espouse preventive care and maintenance not only keep them in great shape but also lowers your overhead costs.

1. Keep your heating bills affordable.

You certainly can’t afford to have operations in your facility slow down because the temperatures drop during winter. That means turn on the heat to keep your workers warm and comfortable.

Although having proper insulation helps to lower the heating bills, heating a vast space is likely to leave a sizeable dent in your wallet. An efficiently insulated space minimizes temperature variations to avoid overworking your heating unit.

An insulated garage door complements your efforts stop the loss of your expensive warm air. It creates an airtight barrier that is easy to operate regardless of the prevailing ambient temperature.

Also, insulated doors boast higher tensile strength to keep your premises safe and secure. The insulation layer also protects the opening mechanism from the extreme outside weather.

2. Keep your merchandise secured.


Most facilities boast top of the range security to ward off trespassers and would be burglars, but they forget one serious threat — rodent infestation. Yes, those voracious feeders that will feast on just about anything in the world including electrical wiring.

These dangerous pests are not beyond inviting themselves into your premises as they forage for food and shelter. Rats and other rodents will view open garage doors or virtually any other opening in your facility as a welcoming mat.

They will move in, make themselves at home, invite their friends and family and create a colony. All the while they will make a feast of anything they can lay their germs carrying paws on.

If you’re not keen on finding out how fast a few stray rats can reproduce when the conditions are just right, keep your garage doors in great shape. That minimized the likelihood of your workers leaving them open at any given time. If the doors are cumbersome to open, you can count on your employees leaving the open.

3. Keep your workers safe.

Given that your workers are your greatest asset, you certainly want to keep them safe and secure at all times. You need them productive and giving their best to gain an edge over the competition. That means ridding your premises of any hazards that could pose a danger to their health and wellbeing.

Overhead garage doors can weigh as much as 200 pounds, depending on their composition. That means you don’t want them to malfunction at any one time, especially when they are in a raised position. Should the springs fail and gravity takes over, they are likely to fall and injure a passing worker or damage a consignment of goods.

In addition to costing you the service of a hard-working employee, the resultant injuries would saddle you with expensive medical bills. Not mention that your business would make the evening news — for all the wrong reasons. The government might come calling to investigate possible negligence and employee endangerment.

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