How Is Business Performance Related to Indoor Air Quality?

Most businesses in Largo, Florida, are using a commercial HVAC setup that is massive and designed to work for many years. Installing a system that serves several buildings or floors requires skill. Once the installation is complete, that is the end, at least from the larger section of the HVAC team.

However, ensuring immaculate indoor air quality is an ongoing requirement that most businesses tend to have problems sustaining. Businesses that have decided to overlook this issue may be suffering with or without knowledge.

Why is it crucial to engage air conditioning repair experts in Largo, FL, for this aspect if you are looking for business success?

Customer and Employee Health

Studies have continually suggested that indoor air can be more contaminated than outdoor air. That is why disregarded indoor air quality could contribute to several ailments among customers and employees.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified several symptoms in relation to poor IAQ — poor concentration, eye, nose and throat (ENT) irritation and fatigue. Damp workplaces may trigger asthma, and asbestos-ridden places can cause cancer in the long term.

The type and level of exposure depend on the kind of operations in your business. For instance, a factory setting will emit more pollutants than a simple office with a few electronic gadgets.

Keeping the HVAC system in good shape is the starting point towards better health for occupants and visitors. For overzealous pollutants, include air cleaners and UV lights in the solution.

Air duct in square shapeAir Duct Leaks and Energy Bills

Are there air duct leakages in your HVAC system at the workplace? IAQ and condition of the system go hand in hand. First, a leaking duct system is a conduit for bad air. As the air conditioner runs, the leakages may simply be distributing pathogens in the space.

Apart from also enhancing back drafting and affecting humidity control, leakage can hamper system performance. Demand for the system is higher than designed, so efficiency is affected.

If your system has been running for years without attention, you want to check its ductwork to see if it is responsible for the hike in energy bills. The ducts may have detached as the sealant loosens up, leading to as much as 30% air loss.

Productivity vs. Indoor Air Quality

It is interesting that air quality is taken as a priority at home and not so in the workplace. Yet, many people are spending most of their time in the workplace. Good indoor air quality is an absolute necessity in the office, as it is related to productivity.

Scientists have demonstrated that poor air quality affects performance negatively. The level of this effect is significant, so management has every reason to focus on improving conditions.

For instance, humidity level should be maintained at about 45%, as that is the most scientifically acceptable level. If your workplace is experiencing uncharacteristically high humidity, you can have dehumidifiers installed to achieve a good balance.

Maintaining good indoor air quality in the workplace requires commitment and discipline. With the advancement in technology, you can take advantage of sensors to monitor the situation and act accordingly. Your business will experience better performance as a result.

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