Give Your Repair Shop an Edge on the Market

As tough economic times hit, people are hanging longer to their cars. The average age of vehicles on American roads is about 11.5 years. Thanks to improved manufacturing technology, these cars only need regular maintenance to run correctly.

Outfitting your repair shop with top equipment, including Baileigh roll bender devices, enables you to tap into this lucrative market. Top that off by filling your ranks with skilled and helpful mechanics, and you are off to a great start. The car repair scene has a less than stellar reputation, and you can turn this into an advantage.

Improve the customer experience

Many people dread taking their cars in for repairs for they are sure of being ripped off. A study revealed that some women would rather keep a dental appointment than visit a car repair shop. Women drivers report being overcharged and sold unnecessary services.

Although the practice happens to male drivers as well, it’s more profound among women drivers. It’s one of the primary reasons for giving the sector a bad reputation. Taking proactive measures to end these stereotypes can go along way on growing your business.

You only need to ensure that all your workers are professional and honest at all times. Have them take the time to itemize the repairs instead of saddling the customers with a ballpark figure. They also need to explain the nature of the repairs and why they are necessary.

Educate your customers

Most people decry high repair tabs because they don’t understand the full extent of the car’s problem. In most cases, such drivers tend to ignore signs of wear and tear on the car and will drive it to the point of breaking down. A little education on the importance of preventive maintenance coupled with excellent customer service can end this.

Based on the common repair problems that you handle in the shop, you can create a series of educational e-mails and send them to your customers. You can explain how these problems come about and what the drivers can do to minimize their effects. You can also emphasize the role of bringing in their cars for scheduled maintenance in lowering their repair bills.

Such an approach lets you come off as a professional service that cares about the welfare of your clients. That drives them to place and a considerable amount of trust in your business, turning them into loyal customers.

Turn customers into brand ambassadors

Man fixing the engine of a car

As noted earlier, some people would rather have teeth pulled out than bring their cars for repair. It’s hard for you to break such a mentality, but your customers can help you with it. Say, when you fix a car that was falling apart and have it running as good as new. The owner is likely to brag about it to their friends and family and friends. That is them playing the role of a brand ambassador and promoting your shop. The best part is, you only need to meet and exceed the client’s expectations and have them take the role out of their own volition.

Most people dread the thought of taking their cars to shops for much-needed repair and maintenance. By breaking this contrary notion, you can give your repair shop an edge on the market and grow your client base.

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