Creating a Gorgeous Country-Style Home in the City

For someone who grew up in a quiet and breezy country home, moving to a big and busy city would feel unsettling. Some don’t want to part with the things they were comfortable about and living in the city will mean living in smaller homes or apartments.

Cooped-up city apartments can still have a homey, country-style air with properly planned decor and the right kind of resourcefulness. Here are some ways to maximise a small apartment home and bring in the country vibe into the city:

Breezy Potential

Apartments can be cramped, but some located on the higher floors can have enough air and breeze. To let the air in, play with the room’s natural light by using bright paint and sheer window shades.

You can even experiment with your entryway and fix it with sliding barn door hardware, which is popular in various cities in Australia. Place an assortment of prized items to add texture and interest.

Simple Dining Area

Be resourceful in finding items and furniture that can fit in your small apartment and still blend wonderfully with the overall decor. Keep your dining area simple and clear clutter to visually widen the space. You can modify the dining table if space is limited by using a picnic table and extending it to the standard table height. It’s cost-saving, plus it goes right along with the country home style perfectly.

Maximise Space

Opt for multi-function furniture to maximise limited space. Go for a space-saving daybed instead of the usual sofa to accommodate occasional guests. They can comfortably seat you in the living room area and turn into an instant bed when the need arises.

In-Plain Sight Items

With limited storage space and to limit the clutter, you can have practical daily items in plain sight by using eye-pleasing glass containers. This can be applied anywhere in the house, such as the kitchen pantry, near the entryway, or in the laundry area.

Play Up with a Mirror

A common issue in apartments is the lack of a beautiful view. Most of the time, there are limited windows in the kitchen or dining area. Arched type antique mirrors can reflect light from nearby sources. You can add this on your kitchen sink wall or to any wall around the apartment with limited space and light.

Modern-Day Features

home interior

Being in the city gives you the advantage of choosing modern features that you can mix and match with your country home-style decor. Choose wall-mounted scones to free up floor or table spaces beside the bed. Small apartments will not feel small if you choose your furniture carefully. Instead of a grand bed, choose a low-slung, sleek modern bed to make the room feel bigger and the ceiling, higher.

Coordinate Your Collections

When placing decorations around a small apartment, make sure they have a cohesive color scheme to achieve a curated display. While walls and earth-tones make for a lovely backdrop for country-home decor.

City homes and apartments may have limited spaces and boring layouts. But with a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can bring in some of the country fair and ambiance with select furniture and decorative pieces.

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